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Once a Donut Dollie, always a Donut Dollie.  My primary motivation for this website is to help you find each other.  So this is what I need you to do.

Each enlarged photo has a title on the page (such as TL1). As you look at each photo, ask yourself these questions:

Was I there when the photo was taken?
Am I in the photo?
Do I know someone in the photo?
Does the photo bring back a memory?

If the answer to any of these questions is "YES," please sign my guestbook.  I would appreciate any information you can provide and those reading the guestbook might just find a long lost buddy.

Please check out the photos in "Location Unknown" and help me put them under the correct firebase.  I'm pretty sure I knew where I was when I took them, but failed to label them and 30+ years later I am clueless.  Just think of it as another silly Donut Dollie game called, "
Guess the Firebase."

If you do not recognize anything about the photos, please sign the guestbook anyway.  Your buddy may not recognize anything in the photos either but will recognize your name and comments in the guestbook.

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