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Jerry Onyszczak

I received this email from Jerry:

Hello Emily, 

Just finished looking at your website of your stay in Dong Tam as a Donut Dolly.  I was pleasantly surprised to see pictures of Tan Tru where I served my time.  My name is Jerry Onyszczak and I served with 2/60th Alpha Co. from ’68 – ’69. I was at our reunion this last July 2003 in Missouri.  I connected to your site through a link at our reunion website. 

I have attached a couple of pictures that I think you will appreciate. 

The first one is of a Donut Dolly that I do not know, however, you may recognize her.  She came to one of the shows at our camp and I took a picture of her because I had been in country for some time and had never seen an “American Woman.”  To me that was really refreshing. 

The other picture is of the guys watching a show sitting on the same bunker that you took a picture of but at a different time.  I recognize the three dudes in the immediate foreground.  From center to the left is first, Robert Race, then Edwin Ahern, and the third fellow on the extreme right I can’t remember his name but we were in the same platoon. You can imagine how surprised I was to see them on your website.

To see picture of Jerry's friends

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