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C Co. 9th Sig Bn.,9th Inf Div.--Standing, far left, no shirt was a corporal,  with Headband-SP4 Keener, Middle No Shirt-SP4 Sowell, Kneeling With Hat-SP4 Whitehead. Can't remember other's names

The small picture I sent with the guys standing and kneeling was of guys that I lived with for months. I didn't write down their names because I knew them all for a while and would have never thought that I would forget their names. I wish I would have written them down too. That little picture was taken with a black & white "Swinger" camera that you could buy for under $5. It's hard to believe the picture held up all these years. The others were from a Polaroid camera.

If anyone knows the names of other in the photo, please
Email Emily

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