John Jones

My name is John C. Jones (Cpl then) and I was with A btry 3 Bn 34 Artillery, 9th Infantry Division (Mobile Riverine Force) from Apr 68 to Jun 69.  When I saw your pictures I remembered that I had a picture of me carrying a "Donut Dolly" from our artillery barge through the mud to dry ground. That is when I started wondering if that girl could have been you.  I am the lucky one who got the privilege to carry you (maybe) to firm ground.

If this is not you, maybe you could identify either one of the young lades. Even if you can't, this at least gives me the opportunity to express my thanks and admiration to you and all the young women who chose to bring a little bit of home with their sweet smiles to the G.I.s in Vietnam. I know it meant a lot them. It did to me (just look at the smile on my face). I donít remember exactly where or when this picture was taken but my best guess would be around Ben Tre close to Christmas. This was my one and only time to see and talk to a Donut Dolly.


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