Coming Home

I received this email from Don Frazier who has graciously allowed me to share it.  It is a poignant description of how too many Vietnam Veterans felt when they returned from fighting for their country and how those horrors of war still haunt them.

Spent most of my tour with 5th of the 60th, 9th Inf Div, working out of Binh Phouc and Tan An South, in 68 and 69. Seems almost like I can't remember sometimes and other times it comes to me in waves. Swells of pictures stuck in my mind, and smells that can still make my stomach churn, burnt out and broke down at 19 years old, coming home to a country where I can't buy a beer and am too young to vote. High school friends that won't have anything to do with me like I've done something wrong, as they worry about gas money and I can't sleep at night because the pictures won't go away. Wearing the flag on their back pocket or as curtains in their van, the same flag that they wrapped Michael Teassaro in to bring him home, the same flag they gave to George Flohr's mom and sister, the same flag we carried in our ruck to post at ndp's*  and base camps. They've mostly forgotten about us or wished us away. Sometimes I just want to die.............or wish I would have. Sometimes I think I have to live forever to keep the memory alive for the next generation.....sometimes ma'am, its just too fuckin' hard.....

 * night defensive positions

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