The Zippo lighter was a favorite means of displaying the sentiments of those who served in Nam.  They were inscribed with unit designators, places of service, dates and personal comments about how the guys felt about the war.   I agree with Burt in the next writing when he said, "I consider them to be art, and important historical artifacts."

So I have created this page to display photos of your Zippos.  (Non-brand name lighters also accepted.)  Obviously, the first game will be, "Zippo, Zippo, where the heck is my Zippo."  After you win, find the camera and email the photo to me.  Also, if you have a good Zippo story, email me and I'll put it on this website.

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As a side note:
Zippo lighter was also a vital tool in one of the Donut Dollie's favorite games, particularly in situations where programming was not feasible.  In any group of grunts, there was always a Zippo.

The object of the game was to knock over the lighter with one's nose.  The player knelt, put his arms on the ground with his elbows touching his knees, hands extended.  The lighter was placed on the ground at the end of his fingertips.  Then he put his hands behind his back and tried to knock the lighter over with his nose.  Sounds simple enough and looked easy enough, especially when demonstrated by a Donut Dollie.  19 year old warriors could certainly do anything a Donut Dollie could do!

If you missed the fun of playing this game with the Donut Dollies, GO FOR IT NOW, DUDE!

Bob Pries' Zippo

Regarding the bubble in the cartoon, Bob stated:
It says, Red Baron!!
Hey, it was a sixties thing! ;-))


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