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Bombs on Baghdad

I stare at the TV watching bombs fall on Baghdad.
My face is stoic
but my stomach belies what my brain is afraid to admit -
that my mind's eye sees the reality below the explosions.
I know the words of war and the reality behind them,
that "collateral damage" is a tiny girl with wide, frightened eyes 
and no legs,
a Father sobbing over the lifeless body of the son he holds in his arms,
an old woman pleading with her husband as his life blood drains from his body.
I know that "friendly fire" is a son who will never again hug his Mother,
a little boy who will never know his Father,
a widow who will receive a flag that will not keep her warm on cold nights,
and I know that on the other end of that "friendly fire" is a young man
who will never forgive himself, 
who will return home forever changed,
whose family will never understand why he left a part of himself in a land far away
or why one night he put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.
I stare at the TV watching bombs fall on Baghdad
and I wonder
who is committing the greater sin with their weapons of mass destruction
and if the world will truly be safer when the bombs cease to fall.
support our troops
pray for peace
emily strange

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