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Photo courtesy of Rick Reinke

I met Rick at a 4th of July picnic at the Milwaukee VA.  He sent me the following email:

It was very nice meeting you at the Veterans Picnic at the VA grounds.  As promised, here is the scan of the picture we talked about.  She is wearing a name tag, but I can't make out the name.  To narrow down the time frame, this could have been taken at Tuy Hoa Air Base, RVN from Oct. 1969 to April 1970,,,,OR,,,, Phan Rang Air Base, RVN from April 1970 until Oct. 1970....Several times, the ladies from your group came out to the flight line to give out cookies and ice cold refreshments. The very first time I saw them was riding in the back of a truck while I was working on the top of a jet fighter. I almost didn't believe my eyes, (and almost fell of the wing). Seeing smiling faces in a rough, hot, world was uncommon, but the break from the unbearable heat and work was most welcome.
           If you would, post this picture on your web site and let me know if she is identified. So many people were displaced far from their home during these times,, just the fact that we could talk to these ladies seemed to ease the tension, loneliness, and bring some sanity back to our minds.  I would like to thank this young lady in person  (if possible).     
           Thank You,           Rick Reinke

A friend who was a Special Services Librarian in Vietnam gave further information:

I don't recognize the DD, but the photo was taken in a library, and it looks like a library service library rather than a club because the furniture (bookstacks/magazine stand) are library furniture supply items. There was an AF library service library at Phan Rang AB, but I don't think there was one at Tuy Hoa AB, so chances are this was taken at Phan Rang.

If anyone has further information, please:
Email Emily

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