Home Up

This part of the fashion show is our rendition of a bunker party.  Most of you remember that mortar attacks happened most often at night and it was always a "come as you are" party since the speed to the bunker was more important than the attire. 

I am the one on the right holding the guitar as if ready to play our bunker song.  Please note my facial expression.  We had a little room to change outfits in and it was equipped with a good sized fan on a pedestal.  During my change prior to this scene, I had to remove my shoes to change into my jeans.  So, in bare feet, I took hold of the fan for balance.  Apparently, it was not grounded so I made a wonderful conductor from the fan to the concrete floor.  It literally froze my hands to the fan and sent at least 120 volts of electricity through my body causing me to vibrate violently, which was a good thing, since it was the vibrations which finally caused the fan plug to pull out of the wall socket.  It was one of those experiences that seems to last a very long time and I remember thinking at some point, "Well this is just great!  Survive the mortar attacks only to be killed by a stupid fan.  How are they going to explain this to my Mother?!?"  I bet those of you watching the show thought I was just upset because I didn't get to wear the towel.