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On the right is Cope (spelling is questionable).  Like Lang, she was there when I arrived.  After Lang was killed, we got another hooch maid (on the left).  She was to arrive on my day off and I was to show her around.  The doorbell rang, and I greeted her at the fence entrance.  She stood there with a big smile on her face and announced, "Me Donald Duc."  Now, "Duc" is a fairly common Vietnamese name, but I have to believe that some GI was responsible for her first name.  I introduced myself as Minnie Mouse and began giving her the tour.  One of the things I had to teach her was how to use the washing machine.  She spoke virtually no English and our washing machine had to be filled by hand.  She, of course, had never even seen a washing machine.  After I talked for awhile as she smiled and nodded, I realized that she had no clue what to do.  So I got some clothes and put them in the machine.  I got pieces of tape, one for the cycle pointer and one each for the wash and rinse cycles.  I put the pointer at wash, got the bucket and filled the washer.  Then I turned the dial to "rinse" and pretended to fill the machine again.  It must have worked, because our clothes got clean - well - as clean as anything got in Nam.

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