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It was monsoon season and someone decided that we would play a game of football with the guys in one of the monsoon lakes which had formed in Dong Tam.  It was great fun and splashing around in the water was a nice break from the heat .  When we had finished, they brought a water truck to hose us off.  It was then that we noticed that the peter prime (grease) which had been used on the dirt roads during the dry season to keep down the dust, was now all over our bodies and in our hair and that it was not going to wash off - even with soap.  This was on a Sunday and it was a requirement that Donut Dollies eat at General's Mess on Sunday nights.  I don't think we looked our best that Sunday.  (Now I remember what happened to the fatigues I was issued in Saigon - and why I didn't bring them home.)                (see next picture, also)

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