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Welcome to Dong Tam, Headquarters of the 9th Infantry Division and the Mobile Riverine Force.  This is where I lived along with other Donut Dollies, Special Services girls, nurses and and a whole bunch of guys.  There were 2 seasons, dry and wet.  Both were hot and neither deterred VC mortar attacks.

From this page you can take a tour of Dong Tam, the inside of the Donut Dollie / Special Services hooch (I know some of you have been waiting for over 30 years to see our luxurious accommodations) and meet some of my friends.  Here you can also see helicopters and their pilots.

You may also view the devastation left after the VC hit our ammo dump - back there by the river.  In his book, "Steel My Soldiers' Hearts," Col. David Hackworth called Dong Tam, "Four hundred acres of sitting ducks."  That is a pretty accurate description.  It was very exciting.  Frankly, living in Dong Tam and flying to the surrounding firebases was the most exciting time of my life - sometimes almost too exciting - but it was also very rewarding.

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